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Featured Bookshelf of My Editing Career


June 2020

When was the last time you were shut down for experiencing a mental health struggle or feeling unheard by others, including those closest to you?

Summer of 2006. Four childhood best friends. A family secret.

After a strange encounter leaves him hospitalized, a timid teenage boy named Matt "Matty" Smith comes home to a continuous series of events met with anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Under the guardianship of his grandma, Lucia, Matt lives with unspoken questions about his grandfather and parents. The elephant in the room. As Matt develops over the summer, the secrets only grow more profound and complex. Will the answers ever come? While searching for answers, Matt and his three childhood best friends encounter the meanings of love, forgiveness, and fate.

This story is for those who feel their voice is unheard and for children, teenagers, and the adult who never had the chance to heal from their pain.



June 2020

YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY SO MUCH is a powerful, fun, and poignant collection of essays focusing on a range of real-life issues and post-modern approaches to topics like sex, love, marriage, belief, parenthood, and mental illness. This book of essays is far from the "self-help" or "advice" niche yet features chapters about saving the world, reaching your full potential, and offers McKeen's yearly list of answers for his high school seniors (just some of them, for now). Jeremy McKeen's almost twenty years of teaching and marriage, as well as his twelve years as a parent, have prepared him for the ever-increasing glory and difficulty of modern life, whether it's responding to war, old age, or mulching this Saturday. In a buzz pop world full of short articles and endless videos luring you into the rabbit hole of endless advertising, take a break and enjoy his essays. Because, damn it, you're worth it.



February 2020

Crazy cat ladies (and dudes) unite! Finally, a book where your cats
can show off like the superstars they are! I've taken the liberty to

compile a book full of chonks, kittens, tabbies, slonks, voids, wonky,
and many more cats and rate them on a professional scale. I hope you enjoy and remember to use catnip responsibly.

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'better lands-The Discoveries’: A 4-year pandemic devastates world, a 3rd wave coming. Survivors go on a tempestuous foot journey from VT to KY to better lands

better lands cover_edited_edited.jpg
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Years after being attacked in high school, a young photography student named Erica moves across the country from New York to Southern California in search of a fresh start.

The Extraordinary Ordinary
Based on the award winning film

Natalie Rodriquez

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